ASAPS: Alumni expression of interest

Alumni & Study Abroad Partnership Scheme: A Study Abroad and Alumni Relations collaboration

Alumni & Study Abroad Partnership Scheme

This Scheme will run, in the first instance, over the autumn months of 2021


This initiative is designed to support outbound study abroad students, and provide them with guidance and advice from alumni living in relevant destinations.

The alumni support will be focused on sharing local knowledge and on life in the city/region. The majority of communication between the alumni and student will occur prior to the commencement of the placement, as part of pre-departure preparations. If the partnership is particularly strong, the alumni and student can make arrangements to continue communications after the student arrives at their study abroad destination.

This initiative is to provide an explicitly supplementary support programme, and will run concurrently with the full suite of services provided by the Regent's Study Abroad & Exchange team.

We hope in matching alumni, who live in the destination city, with students, who are excited to spend time living and studying overseas, that we can provide an enriching and beneficial experience for all involved. 

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Supporting students

In line with the most popular study abroad locations, and during this pilot year, this programme will primarily focus on New York and Paris. However, we are committed to supporting as many students as possible, so please add your city/region and we might be able to connect you with a student.
Please tick all communication channels that you would be willing to engage with to provide support to a study-abroad student
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